Understanding Of Media Audiences

Audiences are a critical subject in studying media. ‘Audience’ is the term used to describe a large number of unidentifiable people, who usually united by their participation in media use. (Hartley, 2002) Media has a huge power to influence audience thinking and behaviour. There are many approaches to deconstruct the relationship between the audience and the […]

Understanding Media Production And Techniques

Advertising is like a form of communication, often intended to persuade the viewers or listeners to purchase or consume a product. It crosses numerous platforms from broadcast, print, billboard and online. Video production, or videography, is the art and service of videotaping, editing, and distributing a finished video product. This can include television production, commercial video production, […]

Why Customer Relationship So Important

In the highly competitive world, the important factor is to retain the existing customers and it is influenced by Customer relationship. And for that reason this research is done, and also for the deep study about Customer relationship. In this century customers are vital part of a business because competition in the market is very difficult. The company is liable to […]

Why Do Firms Advertise

Now advertising is a prominent feature of consumers economic life, it reaches consumers through all means one can think of, including TV sets, radios, newspapers, magazines, mailboxes ,websites and more. According the survey by Advertising Age (2007), in the U.S. 2006, total advertising cost of Microsoft is $11.5 billion; Coca Cola spent $2.5billion on advertising; […]